Why I choose BestCiggies.com?

BestCiggies.com offers genuine and fresh cigarettes at the best prices around. We are continuously negotiating with our suppliers to get the best prices possible. Moreover we are secure, trustworthy and 100% guarantee your satisfaction.

Is BestCiggies.com trustworthy and reliable?

BestCiggies focuses on long term customer and has no interest on frauding you out of a few bucks. You can always buy a carton to test our service. To buy more later once you are comfortable dealing with us.

On the end, you do not need to trust us sometimes in life you need to take a small risk to gain a better deal or price. Generally, I will make sure you not going to regret the trust you put into BestCiggies.

How much is shipping cost?

Free shipping for any order over $99, 1 carton charge US$13.5 shipping fee

How do I pay?

Register an account and select payment options on check out page. You will receive an email about all the instructions for payment and condition.

-Use the Card payment System Wise to pay us via your credit card or local bank

-Alipay or WeChat Pay ( Charges for Chinese Yuan)

Just contact customer service If you have any question about payment details.

Wise (Credit Card & Bank Transfer)

Please visit the following card payment website or download APP and pay us via your credit card or bank transfer!

1.Clink the link to register an account https://wise.com

Is the price for one carton?

Yes, the price quoted is for one carton of 200 cigarettes including 10 packs.

When will order shipped?

We will ship your order once payment is received. Please allow 1-2  working days for your payment to clear our bank account. Also, you can login your account to view the status of your order(s).


How long is the delivery time?

Depends on the country of destination. Postal systems is sometimes a bit unpredictable nor there is no way to interfere into that from our side. The delivery time generally range from 5-10 days.

*Vape order includes free express shipping.

How do I track my package?

We will email you the tracking id and post on your account page once we shipped your package. You can track your package at https://www.17track.net/en 

How come my tracking id does not work?

Tracking ID usually takes around 1 days to get activated. Please try tracking your package in a couple of days if the tracking status is not available yet.

Do I need to sign for my shipment?

Yes on delivery the postal service going to ask you to sign a confirmation of parcel received. In case you are not at home, the postal service may ask your neighbor to take your parcel or leave a note to collect from the postal office. In general, it depends on local postal services country by country different. For this reason, I suggest using a name for what you have the necessary Id or documentation to have the ability to collect the parcel from the Post office. In case the postal office holds it for you for collection. 


I ordered a number of items but received only a single shipment containing one item – where are the rest?

We break up orders of multiple items into several packages in order to avoid issues with customs. After you receive the first package, you will receive the others in coming days.

Do you ship to PO Box or Parcel Locker?

Yes we do. Please make sure you enter the correct code and address details.


Do I break the law when buying cigarettes from BestCiggies?

Since all our cigarettes are Genuine. If you feel still not convinced please do your own research about a law what stop you to purchase cigarettes online. 

Do I have to pay the Excise Duty?

It is depending to which country you are ordering. In our experience countries like the USA, Spain, the Netherlands as an example is the quote 100:2. What means from 100 parcels 2 will be billed for excise duty. Apparently in the rare case when the costumes are examing the parcels content. I need to mention all our parcel usually not exceeding the quantity of 200-400 cigarettes stick what is the due duty-free allowance in many countries.

On the other side, there are countries like UK, Germany or New Zealand where is Excise Duty from time to time applied. From our practical experiences is not often happen what can be count by an average of no more than 5% of the time. Besides the truth is the mail Volume is high enough to make it impractical to scan and verify every incoming small parcel. To mention is in some countries (e.g New Zealand), the money you paying us plus the Excise Tax in this country would be still less as buying the cigarettes and the local retail market.

Will you refund parcels what get lost, stolen and returned?

Yes, you will be refunded in the event the parcel gets lost, stolen, seized by sender's custom or returned and received back by us, the customer either receives a partial refund (minus the shipping charges and service fee charges $10 USD per parcel ), or can opt for the order to be resent. Just to mention from our experience it is extremely rare the postal service lost one of these parcels. However, We will not be responsible and refund for the order(s) which stopped by the custom from your country.

Do you offer wholesale discounts?

Yes, we do. Please contact our customer assistant for quotes of Wholesale through email or WhatsApp.


More questions?

WhatsApp:+1 2135103354