Raison Yogo 1mg
Raison Yogo 1mg-Flavor: Yoghurt & mint crushQuantity:200 cigarettes (10 packs)​..
Bohem Mojito
Bohem Mojito 6mgBohem Cigar Mojito is inspired by the original Cuban cocktail. It will delivers exot..
Dunhill Switch
Dunhill Switch 6mg-Flavor:Menthol crushThe new product offers consumers the choice to appreciate the..
Esse Change 4mg
Esse Change 4mg Super SlimEsse Change 20'sThe premium quality of ESSE cigarettes isensured by superb..
Esse Change Double 2mg
Esse Change Double 2mg super slim-flavor:Mangoburst & ApplecrushQuantiy:200 cigarettes (10 packs..
Esse Change Himalaya 1mg
Esse Change Himalaya 1mg super slim-flavor: Menthol crush super slimQuantity:200 cigarettes (10..
Esse Change Linn 1mg
Esse Change Linn 1mg super slim-flavor: Menthol crush super slimQuantity:200 cigarettes (10 packs)..
Esse Change W 1mg
Esse Change W 1mg-flavor: Grape & Menthol crush super slimQuantity:200 cigarettes (10 packs)..
Esse Double Change Applemint & Orange
Double Change Applemint & Orange 4mg Super Slim-Flavor: Applemint & Orange double crushesQua..
Esse Double Change Applemint & Wine
Double Change Applemint & Wine 4mg Super Slim-Flavor: Applemint & Orange double crushesQuant..
Esse Double Shot
Esse Double Shot 4mg Super Slim-Flavor:red wine & white wine Quantiy:200 cigarettes (10 pac..
FIIT IQOS CHANGE (Korea Version)It changes flavor to add minty taste. this is originally use fo..
FIIT IQOS CHANGE TOK (Korea Version)Fiit Change Tok has a mild nicotine taste with strawbe..
FIIT IQOS CHANGE W (Korea Version)Fiit Change W tastes like grape and mintQuantity:1 carton con..
FIIT IQOS COOL SHOT(Korea Version)Fiit Cool Shot has an amazing tropical, menthol fruit flavor.Quant..
FIIT IQOS SPARKY (Korea Version)Fiit Sparky has a menthol and apricot taste.Quantity:1 carton c..
Marlboro Double Burst
Marlboro Double Burst 6mg-Flavor:Fresh Ball & Ice BallQuantiy:200 cigarettes (10 packs)..
Marlboro double Fusion summer 6mg
Marlboro double Fusion summer 6mg Korea version-Flavor: Watermelon Ice crushQuantiy:200 cigarettes (..
Marlboro Dry Menthol
Marlboro Dry Menthol Flavor:Lemon & Citrus menthol crushQuantiy:200 cigarettes (10 packs)..
Marlboro Ice Blast
Marlboro Ice Blast 6mg-Flavor: Menthol CrushQuantiy:200 cigarettes (10 packs)..
Marlboro Purple Burst
Marlboro Purple Burst 6mg-Strawberry ball & Fresh ballQuantiy:200 cigarettes (10 packs)..
Marlboro Splash Mega Purple Grape Menthol
Marlboro Splash Mega Purple Grape Menthol-Flavor: Grape Menthol crushQuantity:200 cigarettes (10 pac..
Marlboro tropical splash
Marlboro tropical splash 6mg Korea version-Flavor:Tropical fruit ice crushQuantiy:200 cigarettes (10..
Mevius Option Purple Blueberry Menthol 5mg (Korean Version)
Mevius Option Purple Blueberry Menthol 5mg (Korean Version)Mevius was launched in 1977 under th..
Parliament Hybrid 5mg menthol crush
Parliament Hybrid 5mg menthol crush-Flavor: menthol crushFor all lovers of delicate, light and excit..
Raison French Black
Raison French Black 3mgThis is a grape flavored menthol cigarette.The filter tip has raison sweet on..
Raison Hyvaa 3mg
Raison Hyvaa 3mg-Flavor: Ice-cream & mint crushQuantity:200 cigarettes (10 packs)..
Raison Ice Presso 6mg
Raison Ice Presso 6mgTobacco line with nuggets, coffee, mint flavoursQuantity:200 cigarett..
Raison Sun Presso 6mg
Raison Sun Presso 6mg-Flavor:Orange, Coffee, Menthol crushQuantity:200 cigarettes (10 packs)..
This Africa Ice Jack
This Africa Ice Jack 5mg-flavor:Soda & Menthol crush with sweet filterQuantity:200 cigarettes (1..
This Africa Mola Random Five
This Africa Mola Random Five 5mgDifferent flavors in each pack-Flavor: Banana, Apple, Lime, Orange,S..
This Africa Rula
This Africa Rula 5mg-Flavor:Banana mint crushQuantiy:200 cigarettes (10 packs)..
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